Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Group Serious - Tutorial on delicious

I tried to keep it under 3 min. I didn't realize how long-winded I can be and had to re-record several times. Jing is so easy to use! I was really surprised and satisfied!

Final Projects

I'm not really sure how to submit our final projects so I am going to post them here.

Group Serious - Web 2.0 Tutorial on YouTube

Group Fun - Iron Chef competition on YouTube

Individual Serious - Civics Class Blog / Prezi to explain delicious to students next year / Webquest on Propaganda

Individual Fun - Canning Website

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Newspapers Adapting to New Media

I have heard a lot of discussion about the demise of newspapers across the country. Most recently the NY Times has been in the headlines trying to decide how to make $ and still offer content online.

Today an incident happened at a local elementary school at the end of the day. When I got home about 5:30pm I told my husband that I wanted to check FB to see what happened. I was suprised to see no chatter, no details. Maybe I just don't have the right "friends" - there could have been people on FB talking about it but none that I could see.

Just a few minutes ago, a friend told me the Hickory Daily Record online had an article about it. I was impressed that they had the content up before FB. This is usually not the case with breaking events and the media. I am proud of our Hickory Daily Record! Keep up the good work!!!

(By the way - I am very proud of the teachers and staff @ Stony Point Elementary as well. They definitely did a great job today.)

Federal Reserve Digital Story

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


There are several new(er) vlogs that I have not posted on my blog. I upload them and think - ok, I'm done - and forget to let everyone else know! :)

Just head on over to my YouTube channel!

Towards the End

I know this is so cliche but I really can't believe this is the end of the semester. Not that I am upset or nostalgic but just that I can finally catch a breath! It has definitely been a challenge and forced me out of my comfort zone. This semester made me realize how "in the dark" I am about new media and emerging technology. There are so many Web 2.0 tools out there - it could consume your life! When I was in my little bubble at school - I thought I was good with computers. In fact, I am - I am good with computers themselves but not so much with all that a computer can do. It is kind of like driving a car - I am great at driving a car, I love to drive a car. However, I have no idea how/why the car works and may not know how to maximize my car's potential. This semester has truly humbled me. There have been numerous times that my students have came to the rescue and taught me something I did not know about technology. As we are all busy working away at our final projects (despite being uncertain about when they are due...tomorrow? I jest...) I wish you all success and a happy end to a long semester! :)

(I'll never forget in middle school, someone signed everyone's yearbook with the following and I think it is appropriate, "It's been real. It's been fun. But it ain't been real fun!)